5 Cost-Effective Ways To Spruce Up Your Yard

Posted: April 5, 2017 at 4:04 pm by Skip Kelley

Some say a person’s yard and landscape is an expression of one’s self. It’s human and nature, together, that signifies a union of humbled peace and tranquility. As Mr. Miyagi says in the movie Karate Kid to Daniel-san as he teaches him the art of Bonsai; Daniel: “But how do I know if my picture’s the right one?” Miyagi: “If come from inside you, always right one.” Also: “Close your eyes, concentrate. Think only tree…”

Are you ready to become “one” with your landscape design? Here are five ways to spruce up your yard without breaking the bank.

1. FIY: What does “FIY” mean? “Fertilize it Yourself.” Your lawn is like your foundation. If your lawn is patchy or has bare areas, most of the time, it just needs a little TLC. Go to your local hardware store, purchase a drop-spreader (one-time purchase) and the correct fertilizer for your yard and season and start spreading! You could save over $200 by “FIY” rather than hiring a company to fertilize your lawn annually.

2. The Pallet Garden: Do you have any old pallets laying around the garage? If so, you can re-purpose the wood and create your own raised garden. You’ll save money on purchasing the lumber and materials!

3. Spread It: Mulching, or laying wood-chips is not only aesthetically pleasing, it has a larger purpose. Mulch retains water helping to keep the roots moist; it also helps control erosion and provides the proper nutrients to plants as it decomposes. Now most villages offer free mulch, however beware. Free isn’t always great. Most of the time, that free mulch offered from the village is from removed or dead trees that have been through the wood-chipper. This heightens the possibility of bringing any bugs or fungi to your home. So what’s cost-effective about mulching? The long-term game. By doing so you’ll avoid spending a lot less in the future.

4. Follow The Deals: Every now and then, nursery and landscape suppliers will have deals on their inventory. If you’ve purchased shrubs, trees, flowers or any plants before, you know how expensive they can be. After you’ve figured out your yard design or your purchase, make sure you do some online research and find the best deal. Savings, savings, savings.

5. Save Your Water: Have you heard of the water-collecting barrels? These are awesome! They have some that even look like a wine-barrel! Watering your plants every day for an extensive amount of time can skyrocket your water-bill. Purchasing a water-collecting barrel (one-time purchase) will save you money down the road. We are talking free water here folks! And your yard will look phenomenal too!

I understand that not everyone has a green-thumb, but these are some easy tasks that are not backbreaking or bank-breaking. And remember, from Mr. Miyagi himself, “Close your eyes, concentrate. Think only tree…”

If you’ve recently upgraded your landscape, added a new flower or garden bed, I would love to see it! Send me some of your pictures! Who knows, you might even make it on our Facebook page!

See you next week!

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