5 Home Gadgets that Save Money

Posted: August 11, 2017 at 6:06 pm by Skip Kelley

If you’ve ever owned a home, then I am sure you already know how quickly the costs of owning and maintaining your place can add up. Nowadays, companies are using technology to provide homeowners with products to simplify their lives and save them some money but it’s easy to get lost in articles and reviews trying to find the right tech-toys and home gadgets that aren’t just another two-day, flash-in-the-plan piece of junk.

So, I’d like you to think about something for a moment. How often are you running your air conditioning or furnace at home? Do you sometimes forget to turn the lights off when you leave a room? Is your recycling bin full of plastic water bottles? As we manage through our busy daily lives, we sometimes thoughtlessly take these conveniences for granted and end up throwing money out the window.

Take a look at a few home gadgets that I’ve found to be convenient and quite easy to manage with an added bonus of helping to cut some home costs.

  1. The Nest Learning Thermostat: This cool piece of “smart-home” tech is one that will actually save you money. With the Nest Learning Thermostat, you’re able to schedule times when you want the air conditioning or heat on. If you forget to turn off the A/C when you leave the house, you can open up the app on your phone and control if from there. And, as the Nest acclimates to your schedule, it can learn your preferences and do all the work for you. Talk about convenience!

  2. A Fan: Ok, this one might not be super “techy” but seriously, a simple fan can help! Instead of running the air conditioning on more mild summer days, plug in a fan and enjoy a fresh breeze. Plus, by setting your ceiling fans counter-clockwise in the summer, it pushes the air down and creates a cooling effect. Be sure to set the fan back to clockwise in the winter to redistribute the warm air throughout the room.

  3. The Fireplace: What is more relaxing and soothing on a cold winter’s day than warming up next to a nice fire with a blanket and some hot-cocoa? I think it also adds to the ambiance just knowing it helps save money on the heat bill, too. Just remember to close the flue once the fire is out so you’re not letting the warm air escape your home!

  4. Zero Water Filters: I find it helpful to always have some bottled water at home for when guests are over. But what I’ve also found is when it’s just me and my family, a water purification system works great. I suggest getting one, too. You’ll save lots of money on water bottles and lots of room in your recycling bin.

  5. The Lutron Maestro: This fun gadget detects motion in its field of view which triggers the light associated with it to automatically turn on when you enter the room, and turns it off when you exit. It’s efficient and a real money-saver!

By taking extra consideration to your home lifestyle and how efficient you are, you can end up saving a lot of money in the short and long-term. How cool is it that these five simple items can make your home and life more convenient and save you money at the same time!

I’d like to know what you’re doing to be more efficient and how you’re saving money at home! Write back!

Talk to you soon!

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