5 Insiders About the Airlines

Posted: March 8, 2017 at 6:56 pm by Skip Kelley

Next time you decide to book a flight with your favorite airline, I would urge you to take a closer look into how they might be winning you over. While one airline pushes extra leg room, another takes away baggage fees. So which airline do you choose?

Last week, I was talking with one of my clients, Kate. Kate has been working for one of the largest and well-known airlines for over 30 years! We started talking about her job and when she wanted to retire and going over her benefits, etc.  Then we started talking more about traveling, visiting new places, and sightseeing. So I had to ask her, “Could you give me some insider information on traveling like a pro?” Needless to say, she tilted her head back and started laughing out loud. Kate said, with a big smile on her face, “Do you have 5 hours?”

Take a look below for some insider information on the airlines:

1. Insider #1: As soon as you get in your seat on the plane it’s time to make it your new home; adjust the seatbelt to size, check out where the headphone jack is, fluff up the pillow and unfold the blanket from its plastic bag. As your fluffing that pillow up, don’t think that it hasn’t been used already. Most of the time the cleaning crew will fold up the blankets from the previous fight and re-use them for the next passengers. Kate suggests you spend the $15 and buy your own neck pillow. Save on some money and bring your own blanket if you want to snuggle up for a quick nap. 

2. Insider #2: If you’re going to check your bags rather than carry-on, make sure you pay your baggage fees ahead of time either online, over the phone or when you book your flight. Paying for last minute baggage fees at the airport can cost you almost double what you would normally have to pay. This is one easy way you can save yourself a few extra bucks when travelling!   

3. Insider #3: What do you do if you’re flight is cancelled or delayed and you’re going to miss your connecting flight? Wait in line of course…right? Wrong! Not only are you going to wait in a line full of upset and rude customers, by the time you get up to the ticket agent, they probably won’t be in the best of moods either. Call the customer service number and get your flight taken care of. It’ll be much faster and a little more pleasant too. 

4. Insider #4: This is helpful when you know somebody who has a lot of seniority, or someone has years under their belt with the airlines, like Kate. If you’re willing to take your chances and have time to spare, save a whole lot of money on the sticker price airline ticket and get a standby ticket. When you’re under the name of an airline employee with over 30 years of seniority, you’ll be first in line to get a seat. Also, it helps to be nice to the ticket agent as they may be so inclined to upgrade you to first-class if it’s available.

5. Insider #5: Does preferred really mean more leg room? Not always. A widely known airline deceived their customers one year by labeling their seats ‘preferred’ and advertising more leg room. In reality, SeatGuru checked in on this and found out that they weren’t being very truthful. The only difference is that the seats were closer to the front of the plane! If you want more leg room it’s going to cost you some extra money. If you need it, really need it, spend it. 

After talking with Kate about some of these Insiders, I was in shock! While going on vacation is supposed to be fun we all know that the actual travelling part can sometimes be anything but. Hopefully these few insiders will help save you a little money and make your next travelling experience a little more enjoyable.

Safe and happy travels!

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