How Much Is Your Life Worth?

Posted: April 26, 2017 at 7:24 pm by Skip Kelley

When asked the question; How much is your life worth? What are the first thoughts that come to mind? The first thought should be that the answer to that question is: priceless. You just can’t put a price-tag on your life or the lives of your loved ones. Of course, we can’t control everything but we can control how prepared we are in case an emergency happens at home. There are a few standards items that everyone should have in their homes at all times. And, they won’t break the bank either. Here is a checklist of the main safety items you should have in your home in case of an emergency:

  1. Fire Alarm/Smoke Detector – Be sure to test your fire alarm at least once a month by pushing the test button on the device. And, beyond that, you should replace the batteries in the alarm at least once a year and replace the alarm at a minimum of every 10 years. Also, it’s important that you and your family sit down to create an escape plan and regularly review to ensure everyone knows exactly what to do if it should come to it.

             Average Cost: $10 – $30

  1. Carbon Monoxide Detector/Smoke Detector – Most CO detectors only have a five to seven-year life span. And, most old detectors don’t even have a build date or expiration date as this was only something recently added. If yours doesn’t have a date listed and you’re unsure of exactly when you bought it, you are probably due for a new one. Be sure when you’re replacing/installing the detectors that you install one on each level of your home – in hallways near the bedrooms if possible, but at least 15 feet away from fuel-burning appliances.

             Average Cost: $10- $30

  1. Safety Ladder – Purchase a fire escape ladder (click here to check it out) to avoid ever having to worry about being trapped on the 2nd story of your home with no way out. The ladder is easy to use and will quickly attach to the inside of your window so you can climb out safely. For a small price, the safety ladder will offer you peace of mind.

             Average Cost: $30

  1. Fire Extinguisher – Reports show that fire extinguishers should work for 5 to 15 years, but how can you be sure yours will work if you need it? Check the pressure gauge at least once a month to guarantee that it is still functional. Also, look out for any damage to the extinguisher, i.e. a broken/shaky handle, missing locking pin or an unsealed hose.

             Average Cost: $30 – $60

When you take the higher-end costs of these safety items, it will only run you a “whopping” total of $150. For the peace of mind knowing your home and loved ones are safer, $150 seems like a no-brainer. So if you don’t have these items up-to-date or at home, go out and get prepared today. Stay safe and have a great week! 

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