If the Mafia Was Legitimate…

Posted: February 1, 2017 at 8:12 pm by Skip Kelley

BREAKING NEWS: “Mob boss indicted on racketeering charges and money laundering…”

This all too familiar breaking news title has broadcasted on TV a time or two when turning on the news station. Corruption and scandal has long been a part of America’s history and especially the business side of things. The control that the Mafia had, or still has on large corporations, small businesses and politics is a gripping fact, but mainly, and still to this day, out of the public’s sight.

But just for a moment, let’s put aside the darkness and violence surrounding the Mafia. Put aside all the TV glamour and let’s cut right to the chase. Imagine if the Mafia was a legitimate corporation or business. Did you know that the Mafia is the longest running corporation in history? An up (Bull) or down (Bear) market makes no difference to their profits. When other businesses are down, they flourish. What wonders and good they could really do?! Now I’m not saying that every legitimate businessman and politician is “on the straight and narrow” but you get my gist here.

The way that the Mafia runs their organization and the way they know how to find an “angle” for everything, really sets them apart from the average businessman. Take this story for instance; in the 1920’s, Chicago Mob boss Johnny Torrio recognized the intelligence and ambition of a chubby young man named Al Capone, later known as Public Enemy No. 1. Instead of having Capone killed, Torrio made him an offer he couldn’t refuse: a partnership. From then on, the two had many profitable years together before Torrio retired and left the Windy City to Capone.

The story of Johnny Torrio and Al Capone coming together and partnering is also known as profit sharing; a system in which the people who work for a company receive a direct share of the profits. Simply put, if a boss thinks an employee has the talent and skills to go out on his own and pose a threat to that business in some way shape or form, he may neutralize him by offering him a larger share of the take. Hence more profits and no disruptions in everyday business for now and the future.

This is just a small token of the knowledge that the Mafia has under their belt. The structure of their organization and sheer determination to get any job done, shows the ambition that they truly have. Although their wits and smarts aren’t always used for good, there is something to be said for all that they have been able to accomplish.

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