Kickin It to The Curb

Posted: August 13, 2015 at 8:19 pm by Skip Kelley

Habits. There are good ones and bad ones. Most of the time we don’t even realize that we have certain habits until someone else calls us out on them. We all have a bad habit or two we would like to get rid of, but let’s be real, habits are hard to break.

To start breaking that habit you first need to understand what it is that triggers those bad habits. Understanding how we make decisions is the key to to overcoming our bad habits. Even if there’s a habit that we have and might hate, there’s usually a psychological satisfaction related with it. Just like when you eat a piece of dark chocolate, your serotonin levels increase and create a pleasurable effect by improving your mood. I guess chocolate could be a good habit—in moderation!

So how do you kick a habit? Is it willpower, discipline, or needing a drill sergeant in your ear? It’s all of the above and more. Some people find cutting the habit cold turkey is difficult. If that’s you, go slow, take small steps and shoot for the realistic goals. You have to find out which methods will work the best for you individually. Change your environment, coach yourself out of bad habits, remind yourself and train your brain on the effects that your habit has on you. Everyone has the ability to transform themselves into what they want. Sometimes we need a little push, but don’t forget the strength that each and everyone one of you have. Take the steps you need to live a happy and enriched life and start kickin’ those bad habits to the curb. If you need any help with the kickin’ just give me a call and I’ll tackle it with you!

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