Kicking Forward in Retirement

Posted: June 10, 2016 at 6:43 pm by Skip Kelley

Retirement! A time to kick back or a time to kick forward? What does it mean to you?

For some it’s listening to the morning waves crash onto the shore while sipping a steaming cup of coffee. For others, retirement is a chance to live out a deep passion that life has pushed onto the back burner. And for others still, more than you would imagine, retirement is a time to continue working.

Kicking back and watching the ocean waves, or pursuing an old life’s passion are, in comparison to continuing to work, far easier journeys. While we would like to think that age is not a determinant for employment, the data says otherwise. Far too many businesses believe, behind the scenes and unsaid of course, that by the time you’re 50 you are no longer a “desirable candidate.” Ironically enough, there are plenty of positions out there that remain unfilled because the company does not want to hire an “older” worker. Having said that, however, there are still many employment opportunities that are just around the corner if you want to continue to work.


With the flexible hours and the constant turnover of staffing within retail, a retiree is a prime candidate for retailers. Plus, think of the discounts you’ll be able to get if you’re employed by one of your favorite stores!

Personal Assistant

Small and large businesses alike need a reliable, confident and experienced person to help with daily tasks. Formal training is not normally needed in this field and this can be quite rewarding for a self-starter.

Tour Guide

Are you a history buff? Do you love architecture and are fascinated with who knows what and only you know where? Wineries, museums and historical sites offer tour guide positions where you can share your years of knowledge with people who have the same interests.


Become an Uber driver. If you like to drive and aren’t the type to lay on the horn in traffic, why not give driving a whirl? You make your own schedule, choose where you want to go and you are your own boss!

Mystery Shopper

Retailers rely on their customer service representatives to give the utmost engaging, comfortable and memorable experience when a consumer walks through the doors. You can become a mystery shopper, give your feedback and get paid to shop.

Start Your Own Business

If you have the energy, desire and money, why not create your own employment via your own business. Perhaps a franchise is in your stars? Or consulting, personal chef, ghost writer, website design and so many more.

Kicking back is great for sure. But, if you’re one of those people who want to kick forward there’s plenty of opportunity for you. First, get your head screwed on straight and don’t buy into common thinking; thinking that says, “I’m too old” or “nobody wants to hire an ole’ duffer like me”. Your maturity, years of experience and knowledge are invaluable and there are people out there who will value it. It all starts with you believing in you.

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