Meet ‘Skip’ Kelley

Thomas ‘Skip’ Kelley
President / Strategic Financial Advisor

Thomas ‘Skip’ Kelley is a holistic Financial Advisor specializing in Retirement Income Planning.

The overriding goal is always to maximize your peace of mind for the time you will need it most, in retirement. Skip does this by creating an income plan designed specifically for you to insure you do not outlive your money.

Skip is a ‘Fiduciary’ meaning he is legally, morally and ethically bound to guide you in a manner that is at your ‘best interest’, not his.

The holistic advantage Skip has over the vast majority of Advisors is that he is both a licensed life insurance professional and a registered Investment Advisor Representative with SGL Financial, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. This allows him to manage both your ‘Safe’ money (Insurance) investments and your ‘Risk’ monies invested in the market. A diversified, comprehensive holistic financial plan is imperative to balance your portfolio properly.

Skip develops financial programs for his individual clients and small businesses in the Central, Southern and Seacoast areas of NH, also in Southern Maine and Northern Mass.

He has offices in both Manchester and Hampton NH to better serve his clientele. He is affiliated with professional networks including real estate and futures trading organizations and a network of Elder Law Attorneys and Certified Public Accountants.

Want a better chance to know Skip before ever meeting one on one? Sign up on line to join us for one of the 40 plus dinner seminars he hosts every year. Skip can also can be heard on his weekly radio show on multiple stations each weekend. His broad base of knowledge puts him in demand to provide advice and direction on:

  • Growing, Protecting, and Preserving Hard-earned Assets
  • Utilizing ‘Safe Money’ Strategies
  • Creating life time streams of income one can not out live
  • Assets Under Management Solutions
  • Tax Preferred and Tax Free Retirement Strategies
  • Strategic legacy planning
  • Probate Free Distribution to Next Generation

A native of Lexington Massachusetts, Skip spent most of his youth growing up in Moultonboro, NH on Lake Winnepesaukee. After 28 years raising his family in Bedford, the Kelleys now reside on the banks of the Merrimack River in Manchester. His wife of 33 years, Kathleen Rose, teaches Physical Education at Bedford High School. Skip has been successful in a number of fields as a salesman for a Forutne 50 company, business owner, real estate entrepreneur, and investor. He believes the strategy behind investing for a comfortable retirement must be driven by safety, growth and control. He dedicates his time to understanding each individual’s financial needs and objectives, and his ultimate goal is to provide guidance and direction that result in financial peace of mind.

As a big time sports fan, he loves the Red Sox, Patriots and particularly enjoys rooting for UNH Wildcat Hockey and Football. Family is important to Skip, and he relishes every moment by creating lifetime memories – whether it’s on the water, skiing down mountains, or flying his little putt putt two-seater Piper Colt.

The Fiduciary Difference

Being a fiduciary is a responsibility that Skip Kelley takes to heart. His focus is always on doing what’s best for his clients. Keep the fiduciary standard in mind when you are searching for your adviser. The following key tips and suggestions are important to be aware of when deciding who should manage your hard-earned assets:

  • Are they a fiduciary? Only RIA firms are required to be a fiduciary for their clients.
  • Neither brokerage houses, stock brokers, insurance agents or banks are required to be fiduciaries.
  • Be sure to ask your current adviser how they are compensated (commissions, fees, or both).
  • Find out if all fees are truly being disclosed – in other words, what fees are hidden.
  • Ask if they sell any proprietary products or products with 12(b)-1 or referral fees.
  • Has your adviser taken the time to meet with you and truly understand your needs and goals?
  • Remember – you deserve the best advice you can get – don’t settle for anything less!

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