The Financial Dating Game

Posted: September 7, 2017 at 4:17 pm by Skip Kelley

After I got home from a long day of running around, I decided to hit the off-switch, “veg” out a bit and turn the TV on. As I was flipping through the channels, I started to notice just how many dating shows are out there nowadays. Then I started to think how much, over time, dating shows have evolved. From the first dating show that aired in 1965 called The Dating Game, to now where a group of girls will compete for one man’s love on The Bachelor!

However, in my true fashion of never being able to fully “hit the off-switch”, I started thinking about how funny it would be if there was a dating show or service that matched you with your perfect financial partner. I started to imagine the questions that the individuals would be asked and the interesting relationships that could blossom. Imagine if you couldn’t see a picture of the other person, or learn if they liked the gym or long walks on the beach; imagine the only thing you would know is how they handle their finances.

Now to keep it clean and fair, the contestants would not be able to know their net worth or assets but just know how they manage their finances, e.g. how they spend their money, if they have a budget and even whether they prioritize saving money. Think of it as behavioral finance rather than the actual sum of money to their name or their overall net worth.

Statistically speaking, one of the most common arguments couples have is in regards to finances. Whether it is about someone spending money with little regard to their partner’s liking or one person under concerned the amount of credit card debt they have – there is bound to be a disagreement at some point!

So imagine that you could be matched to your ideal financial partner, someone who behaves and thinks in the same financial manner as you do. But remember, you can’t see a picture of them and won’t know anything else about them them. Would you go on the show?

At the end of the day, the important lesson to always consider is that open communication regarding your finances with your partner is a key part into having a successful relationship. Budgeting and planning your finances together will help keep you keep each other accountable for your financial plan and on track to reach your financial goals.

And remember, if you need some help, I am here to help you collaboratively build a financial plan that you feel is the perfect match!

See you soon!

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