What Mom Really Wants

Posted: May 27, 2016 at 7:29 pm by Skip Kelley

Every year for one special designated day we have the opportunity to show the mothers in our lives the same type of love and adoration that we were so graciously bestowed. From the countless hugs and unconditional love, to the endless worrisome and late nights staying awake while we were sick, we have a lot to be grateful and thankful for.

If you’re like me, you’ve pondered on the same corny, and sometimes useless Hallmark gift ideas. But after sitting, thinking and “Googling” the countless possibilities of how to show my gratitude this year, I thought of some great ideas that they may actually appreciate. Take a gander below and see some of the meaningful ideas that Moms really want.

Date Night: There’s no gift like making memories. What’s a better way to spend some time with Mom than by taking her out for dinner and a movie?

The Selfie: If your mom is like my mom, there’s a bookshelf full of family photo albums. It might be getting pretty full, but trust me, there’s always room for more. Make the memories last and create a photo album with pictures of the two of you.

Ole’ Fashioned Elbow Grease: I’m sure Mom has a project or two, or ten that she wants done around the house. You can plant her a nice garden with tomatoes and other vegetables she likes. If she’s not the gardening type, I’m sure those windows could use a nice washing!

Make a Family Tree: If you don’t have the artistic ability to draw a legible tree, you can find free templates on the Internet to create a family tree. You can even create family trees online now! Check out ancestry.com, it’s a great place to start. Who knows, you might stumble upon some relatives you never even knew!

There’s an old saying that we’ve heard over and over, “It’s the thought that counts.” Well, when it comes to finding that perfect something for Mother’s Day, that old saying isn’t just hot air. Putting effort and thought into the gift will be all the more special to her.

This letter may be a couple days early, but nonetheless, we should never rely on just one day a year to show our gratitude and appreciation for all the mothers in our lives. So to all of the mothers that are here with us today, and to those that are not, thank you and Happy Mother’s Day!

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