When to Seek Financial Counsel

Posted: March 9, 2018 at 3:46 pm by Skip Kelley

Have you ever found yourself sitting down thinking, “I should have done that onething sooner?” Did you end up singing the “would-a, should-a, could-a’s?”

Timing is everything. But when we can’t control the timing of certain occurrences, life seems chaotic. With a little guidance from our experienced and knowledgeable team, we can help to be sure that you’re feeling like you’re in the pilot seat of your financial journey again. But remember, even the greatest pilots can’t control the weather or unexpected turbulence.

To avoid facing those “disaster relief” situations, prepare – even for the most unexpected. It’s always best to have a plan in place and prepare yourself and your loved ones for the unexpected weather than can, and quite frankly, will occur.

My questions to you is this, when is “too late”? Are you currently in a financial-disaster situation? How do you know that you are prepared for the turbulence and all the “what-ifs” life will throw at you?

Here is just a small list of occurrences that are unexpected and in which you should seek financial counsel:

– Loss of or no more income
– Mental/physical disability
– Disability
– Social Security
– Pregnancy
– Pension changes
– Overflowing Debt
– Retirement
– Death in the Family
– Loss of employment
– Family member is in Jail
– Natural disaster to property

What it all comes down to is that you never know when something might happen. You can only prepare yourself for the future in the best way you know how. Put a plan in place so when something does come up, you can sit back with peace-of-mind and a worry-free manner.


If you have something that you’re questioning whether or not you need financial advice, call me. If you have a burning question and know you should ask, call me. I have been helping families and individuals prepare for the “real-life” situations for years.

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