Your Health Comes First

Posted: August 27, 2015 at 8:20 pm by Skip Kelley

As we enjoy our years in youth, adulthood, and retirement there’s often one very important thing that we tend to overlook—our health. If we are feeling well, our health is probably not at the forefront of our mind and we may take advantage of it or even neglect it. Even if we are feeling well though, we should be taking every preventative measure to ensure we continue to live a healthy life. When we were young, it was our parents that were there to ensure we were eating healthy and were taken care of. In adulthood and retirement our health is now in our hands. We should be taking control and following the proper actions to ensure we lead a quality and healthy lifestyle.

Your health should always be one of your top priorities. If you’re not healthy, how is your quality of life? Most likely not the best. Even with a common cold you just want to wrap up in a blanket and sleep! Depending on the severity of the setback, you can usually muster the strength to get through your daily routine. But simply just making it through your day just isn’t enough.

I applaud those of you who truly focus on eating a healthy diet and exercising daily! For those of you who don’t, then I challenge you to make one big change in your diet or exercise routine and see how you feel after a week! Research shows that if you walk just 30 minutes a day it can reduce the risk of heart disease by 40%!

Let’s get healthy together. I’d like to hear some ways that you’ve taken control of your health, and the ways you keep yourself on track when times get a little tough! Remember, a little bit goes a long way. Enjoy your years happy and healthy.

Stay healthy and we’ll catch up next week!

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